• Welcome to Timberlake

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Whether you are a youth pastor looking for a place to hold a retreat, a teacher looking for a field trip for your students, a coach who wants to train your team for the upcoming season, a host looking for facilities to host a banquet, a business owner who's wanting to do team-building with your staff, or a parent who is looking for a Christian summer camp to send your kids to, we’ve got you covered.


A Bit About Us

Timberlake was started in 2002 by founders Jeremy and Erin Burns when they purchased a plot of land in Lamar County, Alabama. They felt a calling to build a campground where churches could rent out facilities that were clean and well-maintained as well as start a ministry that would spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Since then, Timberlake has grown to host its own summer camp, mission trips to El Salvador, and provide great facilities to churches and other organizations to host their own retreats and camps.



Plenty of Meeting Spaces

We've got meeting spaces that would work great for groups of any size. Perfect for devotions, worship, banquets, talent shows, classes, Christmas parties, and company meetings.




Plenty of Beds

With 12 cabins, 2 Speaker Cabins, 1 Tree house, 4 Hotel Rooms, and a Retreat Center that, combined, can sleep 264 people, we've got some room for your group to spend the night or two. Or three or four. It's up to you.





Plenty of Activities

Whether your group likes swimming, heights (or is fixing to find out they don't), ice cream, canoeing, or just playing on the playground, we have got something for your group to do in their free time.




Plenty of God-designed beauty

Timberlake sits on acres of Alabama woodland filled with God's handiwork. If you sit still long enough you will see His design in everything, in the trees, in the spider's web, in the constellations, in the bird's song, in the sunsets, in the caterpillars, and in the lake, just to name a few.