Whether you need a place to host a retreat, camp, banquet, or field trip, we've got you covered.


Overnight Retreats

Interested in bringing your group to to spend a couple of days and nights together? Then click the button to sign up for the best sleep-over ever.


Day Retreats


Are you looking for a place to bring your group just for the day? Then click the button to see about renting for a Timberlake style one day getaway.


Field Trips


Hey teachers! We've got plenty of activities that are kid-approved that give kids (and you) the break that they need. Click the button to bring your class to Timberlake for a great field trip!


Schedule a Tour


If you've never been to Timberlake, or it has been a while since you have, we would love to show you around! Click the button to contact us and schedule your very own tour!



Plenty of Meeting Spaces

We've got meeting spaces that would work great for groups of any size. Perfect for devotions, worship, banquets, talent shows, classes, Christmas parties, and company meetings.





Plenty of Activities

Whether your group likes swimming, heights (or is fixing to find out they don't), ice cream, canoeing, or just playing on the playground, we have got something for your group to do in their free time.





Plenty of Beds

With 12 cabins, 2 Speaker Cabins, a Tree House, 4 Hotel Rooms, and a Retreat Center that, combined, can sleep 264 people, we've got some room for your group to spend the night or two. Or three or four. It's up to you.





Plenty of God-designed beauty

Timberlake sits on acres of Alabama woodland filled with God's handiwork. If you sit still long enough you will see His design in everything, in the trees, in the spider's web, in the constellations, in the bird's song, in the sunsets, in the caterpillars, and in the lake, just to name a few.